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Food for Fuel

We all want results from exercise, however many people do not optimize their nutrition properly for maximum results. Our body likes to use carbohydrates for fuel, in order to restore the Glycogen levels of the muscles which are often depleted due to exercise. After exercise this chemical gets depleted in our body, this gives us energy, and whenever we exercise our body uses it for fuel. Immediately , after exercise is the most optimal time to replenish it, there is about a one hour window which we have where the body will replenish and make the best gains. However, many times there is often confusion about what foods to ingest to accomplish this.

Proteins and fats will help you build muscle in moderate amounts, however they will not help with restoring glycogen the same efficient way that complex carbohydrates will (such as Yams, brown rice, quinoa, Cus Cus, Buck Wheat, Barly, and sugars found in Bananas ).

Incorporating these in your diet
(google complex carbohydrates for variety) in the correct amount especially after a work out to replenish the lost glycogen will help with restoring energy and quick recovery.  Furthermore,  eating the above mentioned along with solid clean protein foods post workout and upon waking up for breakfast will produce great results.

Keep in mind, the inability to do so will and can hinder performance.

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