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Corrective Exercises for Jiu Jitsu Athletes:

This Service includes our hands-on personal training, assisted stretching, joint manipulation, massages, and assessments to correct imbalances in the body which often arise when practicing Jiu jitsu. Practitioners will see benefits through increased performance, body mechanics, and flexibility along with a reduction in soreness and general pain typically associated with the sport.

This is a unique service, providing training and massage specific for the needs of each individual. Every practitioner has a specific style and certain tendencies which result in a diversity of imbalances specific to the mechanics of the individual. These problems are only magnified when one also considers the toll daily work can take on the body. The stress and damage from these activities can build on each other. We work to correct this by assessing what you do in the gym, at home, and work, figure out which movements are the dominant, and create a program to fight the specific damage, while keeping you limber and agile to promote longevity in the gym, and daily life.



Massage Modalities offered:

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Our Dedication

This website is specifically dedicated for corrective exercise and myofascial release for Jiu Jitsu Athletes:

Over the years of Personal training and Massage therapy, while practicing Jiu Jitsu, I realized just how important it was for us as Jiu Jitsu practitioners to take care of our bodies in order to keep the rolling alive. I started looking closely at various guards and how much toll the repetitive movements take on the body , and decided to use my knowledge of corrective exercise and massage therapy to teach and break down various guards and allow anyone who loves the sport and also loves to train with weights, be able to using simple techniques in a structured format help overcome and minimize discomfort.

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