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Jiu Jitsu : How pulling/gripping effects your posture and how to fix

A huge part of training Jiu Jitsu is learning how and when to make grips. We use these grips to off balance our partner in order to execute a technique. However, through constant gripping and pulling , many muscles get worked. Primarily these muscles tend to be the same ones we often use throughout the day. The action of Pulling effects the rotator cuff, which if over worked effects the neck, shoulders and upper back, and leads to discomfort. This in turn leads to posture distortions and may through off your own balance . When combined with daily life, the chores and tasks we already find ourselves performing, this overload could cause permanent damage, if not addressed. .
Good news is , there is a simple thing we recommend , after training , do not leave the mat! Right after training, take a baseball or a lacrosse ball, and lay on the floor on your back. Find the tender areas in the back, upper neck or shoulders. Finding these will not be too difficult, all you should do is place the ball on the floor, and lay on the areas of the upper back and shoulders. Wherever you feel a tender spot, stay on that area for 1-2 minutes and allow the tenderness to melt away slowly. while doing so focus on taking a 2 second inhale, hold for 2 seconds, and exhale for 2 seconds. Doing this regularly will allow you to feel better in training and make your grips strong . The reason is because this will allow the muscles which are always getting worked from gripping and pulling, to unwind and relax, that way they may be strong and pliable for next training and not over tighten , which will make it so they do not create additional stress on your bones and joints.

Thank You for reading and please stay tuned for more .