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Overactive TFL in Jiu Jitsu and tight Piriformis

The TFL is responsible for Flexing the Hip, Medially rotating the hip, and Abducting the hip. It attaches to the Iliotibial tract along with the Gluteus Maximus.

The Iliotibial tract is a superficial sheet of fasciae with vertical fibers that run along the lateral thigh. It runs along the lateral thigh , its wide and dense and funnels into a strong cable along the side of the knee, before inserting into the outside of the knee.

The TFL and some portion of the Gluteus Maximus attach to the Iliotibuial tract.
Knowing how close these muscles are to each other and how connected they are, also knowing their actions alows us to understand that all the guard plating and hip movement creates and overactivity in these muscles, which place stress on the tendons, bones and joints.

This leads to :

opposite muscle groups being weakened
Muscle strains /sprains’
Muscle fatigue
Decreased performance and energy in the surrounding muscle junctions

This also leads to a tight Piriformis, since this muscle is deep to the Gluteus Maximus. This could in turn affect the sacrum and the pelvis since this is one of the attachment sites for the Piriformis.

If this starts happening, Jiu Jitsu training will be not pleasant since we so heavily rely on these muscles and constant activation in order to perform the movements required for our performance.

Therefore, using muscle release techniques on these areas, along with proper stretching, mobility drills and breathing will allow one to train longer and stronger..

Until next time,.

Stan with Wetek Massage therapy and Private Personal Training, AKA Dr.Jiu Jitsu