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Repetitive Strain Injury and Jiu Jitsu

Oftentimes our bodies hurt from training and overuse of certain muscle groups. I hear quite often people mentioning that their hands and wrists hurt, they also sit behind a desk and type for many hours daily etc.

Doctors told these individuals that they might need surgery and all the x-rays do not show anything wrong specifically and they are not sure if surgery will even help! However, there is something called RSI (Repetitive strain injury).

This can affect anyone performing daily movements. In the case of the wrists, this individual types a LOT. I also know that in my dojo of Jiu Jitsu practitioners many people work in field which require a great deal of typing and dexterous work involving repetitive motions of the wrists and elbows . These motions are controlled by many muscle groups which connect up to our neck and shoulder areas, through these areas many nerves pass, which means correct smooth blood flow help’s these nerves fire correctly and allow for coordinated and efficient movement. If a Jiu Jitsu practitioner who uses GRIPS quite a bit, also has this kind of job, the beating which these muscles and nerves will take can result in many other unwanted aches and pains.

This is just a warning to try and stretch your forearms and fingers , along with soaking your hands in Epsom salt for pain relief. Also, a Therecane would be a great tool to order off of Amazon. This cane with a hook can help you while sitting in one spot with pain in the neck and shoulder area. Just hold one tender spot for 1 minute a few times, and experience better blood flow.

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