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Core circuit for Jiu Jitsu to create better Leverage !!

Ab workout for Jiu Jitsu
While training Jiu Jitsu there is no doubt one may realize quickly that the core plays a vital role. Which means being able to to have quality control of it may enhance your ability to create movement and leverage. Here I will briefly give you a overview of how to work it and why :
Instead of just doing a variety of sit ups 
(which are beneficial in their own way), think about this for a second:

The core consists of the : 1: Lumbo pelvic hip complex, 2: Thoracic Spine, 3:Cervical Spine:

Movements it may create : Flex the spine , Brace the spine, Rotate and bend the spine, and stabilize and anti rotate the spine:

Lets now think of how we can use exercises to perform these movements :
I advise you to think of one or two exercises which perform these movements , that way you number one won’t get bored ; will be hitting it from a variety of angles ; develop greater control which will allow better posture and mobility in different planes.

Now lets look at some of the exercises:

1.Flex the spine: V Shape sit up

2. Brace the spine: A plank while focusing on pointing tailbone down and feeling the abs engaged the entire time.

3.Rotate and bend the spine: Woodchops -high to low, and low to high. Focus on control and fluid movements with full range of motion.

4 Bend the spine: Spine bends and single arm dumbbell carries : Focus on keeping hips and shoulder’s square and lined up while Bracing the spine as you walk, feel the weight shift with every step and rotate the spine.

5.Anti rotate: Plank position and perform a row with the other hand, as you do so notice that the row will want to pull you down, as this begins to happen resist with your opposite side for 
ANTI Rotation .

There you have it, thinking about it like this will allow you to train smarter and develop more power. Feel free to include as many exercises as you would like, just try to keep good form and work with full range of motion while focusing on deep breathing from the diaphragm .

Thanks again for reading and hopefully this helps. Please kindly share this to help us grow and leave any comments/suggestions