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Constant high intense training is fun and rewarding, however it comes with a price, and without proper nutrition this could mean many things. While training hard our body uses stored glycogen for fuel, however in order to replenish it and keep going is tricky. While our Roman Gladiator ancestors might have eaten hearts of Lions believing it will give them strength, nowadays we might have to look at nutrient density a little more closely.

Here are some quick and efficient tips:

Lets look at 3 types of situations  :

    1. You train moderate daily, not competing at an event:                                                                   In this case eating Complex carbohydrates, Protein , healthy fats and fiber foods with every meal would be ideal. Calorie in vs out, adjust accordingly.  In order for your body to replenish its depleted storage of fuel in the form of glycogen, it needs the right type, and one may use fiber foods to help aid digestion, however, be careful not to overdo fiber as that can slow down the digestion process. Keep a balance and use common sense.
    2. Week before an event:                                                                                                              You might want to taper down the amount of food you eat ,as your training is being tapered down prior to the event and you do not want to avoid exercise weight gain. You might still gain weight, however some of it might be water, and having extra water in your system might be a good thing, especially if one will be competing in a hot or humid condition, and/or one will be sweating a lot. For every gram of Glycogen, your body stores 2.6 Grams of water. However, if you are cutting , one may need to get rid of that extra weight, which can be done, however we suggest starting the cutting down phase much earlier as it will be easier for the body to adjust to the weight and the strength will not be decreased since this was done gradually with the right type of nutrition.
    3. The Day before Competition :                                                                                                   You might want to consider increasing your carbohydrate intake , since the entire week prior you were mindful of them, or however long you were getting ready according to your own diet schedule. This will ensure that your glycogen (fuel) source is more replenished and your body can store more after the cut phase .Now is a good time to eat more fruits such as bananas, peaches, cantaloupe,watermelon,along with vegetables ? such as sweet potatoes and Broccoli ?. Try to include protein and fat with each meal, and snack on dried fruits in moderation. Examples of good fats include : Flaxseed oils as salad dressing along with cold water fish such as Salmon , halibut, haddock, and mackerel. Such fish will satisfy both the protein and fat needs the evening before the race. Skip the pasta party.Lastly, reduce dietary fiber to allow for easier digestion of foods in preparation for the next day’s race/event.

Note: This is a delicate matter and can get complicated as we all vary in goals, metabolism etc, this is just an over view to get your brain thinking in the right direction. Consulting a dietician would be ideal with the right type of research . 🙂

Hope this helped, stay tuned for more and please share to help us grow.

Until Next time friends,

Stan with Wetek Massage Therapy and Private Personal Training.

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